A Little Inspiration

Wow, I can’t believe how much time has gone by so quickly, and how much I have accomplished during my stay in England. I love it here. It is familiar to me because I lived here for a short bit when I was in middle school, and traveling is one of the best things someone can have the chance to do.

Boys In The Trees as some of you may know the Carly Simon reference. For the ones who don’t, it is my favorite album of all time (if I were to have to choose one). Produced by the legend Arif Martin, who by the way has no prodigy that is still living unfortunately. So if anyone thinks they’re the next Arif let me know because I’m coming at you.

This past weekend I spent in the country side of England in Wiltshire and had the opportunity to write some songs for my album with the guitar legend Nick Harper. It was absolutely awesome and I couldn’t have asked for a cooler more humble experience.

During writing sessions I always try to refer to my inspirations once or twice to keep the vibe in the right direction. Today I was able to reference what I titled this post, Boys In The Trees and offer subtle clues as to the meaning of her song and mine and it’s collaboration. It worked perfectly. I won’t say anymore since it may ruin a good surprise (especially for my A&R consultant and Project Manager who will truly understand these references). For those who love the minds and creativity of Carly, Carole, Laura Nyro, and other legends of those eras you will understand and appreciate.

After a lot of artist development in the works I have fluctuated and ventured from different styles to the one I have been hoping for and it’s worked out. I think I am more focused than ever stylistically and I have a true idea of what I am trying to create. A front to back finished book is what an album is to me, and it’s got to be perfect. I’m sure other songwriters reading this would agree.

As I have always preached, music makes you feel a certain way that nothing else can offer. If it doesn’t make you get goosebumps it’s probably not hitting you the right way. I have to say my music is hitting me the right way and I hope that resonates the same with my fans once they hear it.

This is AWESOME, great, so cool and surreal. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I can live my dream and love it. My trip here has been unbelievable and I can’t get enough of Jonesy and the little pub run by Trevor called the Bear for after work. Things are great and I am so excited.

I’ll try not to sleep walk next time I stay overnight at the inn.

There’s too much to say now so I’ll save it for later. You probably want to ask already, where’s the fucking music?

!!! It's Coming


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Today I feel it is time. I'm sitting on my couch reflecting. After spending all of this time getting to know myself, here it is; the music that brought me to this place I am in today. Here is what came out of it. I know it has been a long time coming, and I cannot be more thankful for what these past two years have brought me, for all of my friends Ethan, my band Lee, Rich, John and Mike, my family and fans who support me and believe in me on my journey in music. It is a vulnerable, scary journey and I will take this with me forever. Music is a gateway to understanding life, only as you know it. Lee Nadel and Rich Mercurio I love you guys. Thanks for making this possible, it truly changed my life. https://soundcloud.com/winklereedmusic/sets/winklereed-ep/s-HWG70