Blues Traveler 90's Nostalgia at Brooklyn Bowl Tonight

Blues Traveler is at Brooklyn Bowl tonight and I wish I was going. It reminds me of my childhood. I was talking to my friend Dave today about how we wish we were going and it led into an interesting conversation about nostalgia. I’ve spoken about nostalgia and its relation to music in one of my past inner thought provoking posts, but I think that 90’s music in particular gives me that nostalgia; A huge kick in the gut reminding me of that time in the carpool line in 5th grade wearing a plaid skirt waiting for my mom to pick me up. We got in the car and blasted the Spin Doctors and talked about how we wanted to be doctors when we grow up. That kind of non correlated weird thing, but music sparked the conversation.

It was the time when all of the best musicians were in their prime, the talented ones, during the 90s, but music took a weird style turn so people sometimes consider 90’s music a flop or a joke, but if you do yourself a favor and listen carefully those guys really jam out. If you’re going to Brooklyn Bowl tonight, have fun!! Jealous!

Which is it for you?

Run-Around or Hook?


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Today I feel it is time. I'm sitting on my couch reflecting. After spending all of this time getting to know myself, here it is; the music that brought me to this place I am in today. Here is what came out of it. I know it has been a long time coming, and I cannot be more thankful for what these past two years have brought me, for all of my friends Ethan, my band Lee, Rich, John and Mike, my family and fans who support me and believe in me on my journey in music. It is a vulnerable, scary journey and I will take this with me forever. Music is a gateway to understanding life, only as you know it. Lee Nadel and Rich Mercurio I love you guys. Thanks for making this possible, it truly changed my life.