Organic Avenue Pre Photo Shoot Cleanse LOVE*

Organic Avenue is AHHHHMAZING! What a cool concept, and makes me feel right at home which I like. I LOVE that it is made right around the corner, and has a very short shelf life for a reason. Most of the juices you see on the shelves these days are filled with things your body just doesn’t need. I hear so many people talking about buying a juicer, but having Organic Avenue in your neighborhood is like having a juicer in your backyard.

About a year and a half ago, when I started writing the music for my EP and what will come later, the possible album, I began to become more serious about my body and its health. I was unhappy with the way I looked, I weighed much more than I would have liked to, and was eating unhealthy. I knew that changing the way I ate and exercising most days of the week would help me feel better, most importantly help my mental health and make me feel grounded. After all it is true, “you are what you eat.”

I began doing Yoga, Bikram about 4 times per day, was running a ton, removed dairy from my diet, and basically became vegan but cheated a bit because I would have my occasional piece of lean fish when I really wanted to. Recently, I was diagnosed with a serious stress fracture in my tibia and am on crutches for 6 weeks due to a lack of Vitamin D and Calcium in my bones. Right now is the most pivotal, crucial time for my bones and did not take the time to understand how to responsibly “feed” them. Sounds weird, but its true. But this is all OKAY, because I was following a pretty healthy diet before this but now I am even more aware of how important it is to properly nourish your body. You get can a ton of your essential vitamins from green juices, red juices and smoothies!

I am preparing for my big photo shoot on Monday for my upcoming EP, Dream Ticket, that I’ve been working on now for so long, and anxiously waiting to share with everyone. So I am doing the Organic Avenue Cleanse that I was able to customize myself thanks to the location and the real “Mom and Pop” shop feel where everyone is caring about your personal goal. Naturally it makes my fridge look nice too!

Organic Avenue is the best for visually understanding the importance of different food groups that you may not be aware of during a regular day of eating. The hustle and bustle of NYC can make you forget too, and that big, recognizable orange store front and the memorable logo helps you remember to always eat (or drink) your vegetables ;-)!


Listen to WINKLEREED EP by winklereedmusic

Today I feel it is time. I'm sitting on my couch reflecting. After spending all of this time getting to know myself, here it is; the music that brought me to this place I am in today. Here is what came out of it. I know it has been a long time coming, and I cannot be more thankful for what these past two years have brought me, for all of my friends Ethan, my band Lee, Rich, John and Mike, my family and fans who support me and believe in me on my journey in music. It is a vulnerable, scary journey and I will take this with me forever. Music is a gateway to understanding life, only as you know it. Lee Nadel and Rich Mercurio I love you guys. Thanks for making this possible, it truly changed my life. https://soundcloud.com/winklereedmusic/sets/winklereed-ep/s-HWG70