On paper my story is pretty normal. I grew up in New Jersey and went to a small liberal arts college in upstate New York. After I graduated, I got a job in New York City basically like everybody else. I was making money, setting myself up for a stable future. And, I was miserable. I hated the clothes. I hated the hours. I wasn't feeling. So, I quit.

Now, two years and many many songs later, I've created my first album. I chose music, not to get famous, but because music is what truly connects me to myself and to others. I listen to a good song, and I feel it moving under my skin. Good music, I mean really good music, touches people on both a physical and emotional level. Good music crawls into your heart and never leaves. Music can be soul changing. Music changes my soul. The way that other people's music makes me feel is the way I feel about mine.

"Winklereed" is my soul on display. What you see is what you get. My heart and emotions poured onto the page to create an album that highlights the journey I took to become who I am today. The songs are both easy to relate to and complex. The music is a true representation of who I am. Please, enjoy.