#NowPlaying #IngridMichaelson #HumanAgain We’re all blood, we’re all blood, blood brothers.


#LukeBryan at the #Grammy block party


Off on a plane tomorrow to New Orleans for some Jazz. Unfortunately a little late, Jazz fest just ended, but excited to see some music and then head out to the beach of Gulf Shores, AL for a little more beach music. Chili Peppers, Jack White, Wilco, G Love and Special Sauce, Alabama Shakes, Dawes and so many more, (including some much appreciated reggae) will be an amazing start to Summer.

Stay tuned for some good pics.



Im back, after a long hiatus, yes Ive been writing and writing, recording in Nashville and in London, and will have music for you very soon, maybe even a sneak preview of something. :) stay tuned…

October 25th in Fort Worth, TX i’ll be playing with Garrett Bradford. Stay tuned for more details.


  • Off to Powerdown at Metropolis Studios in London tonight. Hopefully will hear some good music.
  • Xx J

Headed back to the city now after an amazing weekend with Nick Harper and Ben Jones. So much good music and good times.


Wow, I can’t believe how much time has gone by so quickly, and how much I have accomplished during my stay in England. I love it here. It is familiar to me because I lived here for a short bit when I was in middle school, and traveling is one of the best things someone can have the chance to do.

Boys In The Trees as some of you may know the Carly Simon reference. For the ones who don’t, it is my favorite album of all time (if I were to have to choose one). Produced by the legend Arif Martin, who by the way has no prodigy that is still living unfortunately. So if anyone thinks they’re the next Arif let me know because I’m coming at you.

This past weekend I spent in the country side of England in Wiltshire and had the opportunity to write some songs for my album with the guitar legend Nick Harper. It was absolutely awesome and I couldn’t have asked for a cooler more humble experience.

During writing sessions I always try to refer to my inspirations once or twice to keep the vibe in the right direction. Today I was able to reference what I titled this post, Boys In...


Let me take you back to the beach


@channelcairo I love finding new bands and music that makes me feel something. I didn’t know what to expect from the Powerdown event at Powerhouse #Metropolis and Channel Cairo impressed me. Check out their new single A Year here and on their website. Maybe a Coachella appearance someday? I could compare the sound to Radiohead and The Shins. What do you think?



The guy doesn’t need to travel alone anymore, he had enough mouth organs to go around. I love him


Wore my lucky number 9 today and got my wish! Recording my album in #nashville!!!! Happiest girl in the world!



Blues Traveler is at Brooklyn Bowl tonight and I wish I was going. It reminds me of my childhood. I was talking to my friend Dave today about how we wish we were going and it led into an interesting conversation about nostalgia. I’ve spoken about nostalgia and its relation to music in one of my past inner thought provoking posts, but I think that 90’s music in particular gives me that nostalgia; A huge kick in the gut reminding me of that time in the carpool line in 5th grade wearing a plaid skirt waiting for my mom to pick me up. We got in the car and blasted the Spin Doctors and talked about how we wanted to be doctors when we grow up. That kind of non correlated weird thing, but music sparked the conversation.

It was the time when all of the best musicians were in their prime, the talented ones, during the 90s, but music took a weird style turn so people sometimes consider 90’s music a flop or a joke, but if you do yourself a favor and listen carefully those guys really jam out. If you’re going to Brooklyn Bowl tonight, have fun!! Jealous!

Which is it for...


Me and howie and my new road #guitar. From 1940!! So excited to play with Garrett Bradford next week! I love @rivingtonguitars thanks!! (Taken with Instagram at Rivington Street Guitars)



Organic Avenue is AHHHHMAZING! What a cool concept, and makes me feel right at home which I like. I LOVE that it is made right around the corner, and has a very short shelf life for a reason. Most of the juices you see on the shelves these days are filled with things your body just doesn’t need. I hear so many people talking about buying a juicer, but having Organic Avenue in your neighborhood is like having a juicer in your backyard.

About a year and a half ago, when I started writing the music for my EP and what will come later, the possible album, I began to become more serious about my body and its health. I was unhappy with the way I looked, I weighed much more than I would have liked to, and was eating unhealthy. I knew that changing the way I ate and exercising most days of the week would help me feel better, most importantly help my mental health and make me feel grounded. After all it is true, “you are what you eat.”

I began doing Yoga, Bikram about 4 times per day, was running a ton, removed dairy from my diet, and basically became vegan but cheated a bit...


Dream Ticket EP coming soon!


Hi! I am sorry for being MIA for so long but SO MUCH has been happening in the past few months and I can’t wait to share so much with everyone! I just got back from my trip to Nashville, where I was mixing and mastering my EP, Dream Ticket, thank you to all of my friends who helped me with the creation of this work that really means so much to me. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot wait to share it with everyone and to share the LOVE.

Here are some pics from the trip. xx J