Little Kids Rock is an incredible organization that I am blessed to be a part of. Bringing music back into the classrooms in some of the most impoverished school districts in America is a brilliant mission. Unfortunately, widespread educational budget cuts have left America’s music classes empty; the mute button has been pressed and created a deafening silence. Little Kids Rock is changing this! Bringing instruments, instructors and noise back into classrooms. Children are once again able to experience the beauty in music. The greatest high possible for an emerging artist like myself, is seeing the sheer bliss that youth gain from jamming; an indescribable high. I cannot wait to continue my artistic journey alongside Little Kids Rock- ending the silence one instrument at a time!!

Bringing Music Education to Children Across the Nation!

Watch this amazing, inspiring video!

Watch this 9-Year-Old Little Kids Rock student's original song "Marathon"

This is a first generation American girl who is part of the Little Kids Rock program at one of the NYC schools. This is her response to the Boston Marathon Bombing. Gives me shivers.